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Ebanel Numb 520 Cream

Expiration Date: 8/30/2024 

Looking for a strong long-lasting topical anesthetic? Try our Ebanel Numb 520 Cream added to our line of anesthetics for those looking to ensure their clients have happy and pain free procedures. Fast-acting and long-lasting relieving pain for up to an hour. This is the strongest anesthetic we carry yet, made with a maximum strength of 5% Lidocaine with added ingredients that help promote the healing process. Make sure your clients overcome pain and discomfort almost instantly with the addition of a full numb in just 20 minutes. Unscented and non-greasy, safe to handle and apply to all skin types. Add Ebanel Numb 520 Cream to your kit today and keep those clients happy!

Lidocaine HCl (C14H22N2O•HCl) works by temporarily blocking the pathway of pain signals along nerves. It does this by stopping the sodium from entering the nerve ending at the site of the pain.

Application Process

Clean hands and affect area thoroughly, pat dry. Apply to affected area. Wait 20-25 minutes for peak numbing effect. Wipe away residue and begin procedure. 

Pro Tips

  1. Cover with plastic wrap and apply pressure.  
  2. Repeat application after 15 minutes for enhanced numbing  


  • Maximum strength 5% Lidocaine
  • Promotes skin healing
  • Lasts up to an hour
  • Relieves pain and discomfort instantly
  • Full numbing in 20 minutes
  • Unscented and non-greasy

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