Eyebrow Practice Skin Headband (10 Pack)

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Perfectly paired with a flat head mannequin. What's unique about our band is that it comes blank on both sides, meaning for advanced artists--you can visualize and create your own brow shape on a blank canvas which is great practice. For beginners, you can draw in your own brow shape or create hairlike strokes and practice brow mapping around it. After brow-mapping, you can then practice outlining and shading. Challenging, therefore you can master brow-mapping those with little to no brow hairs.

  • 10 pcs per order
  • Double-sided
  • Straps easily onto any mannequin head
  • Can be used for all brow techniques including microblading, ombré powder, micro-shading, nano brows etc
  • Great brow-mapping practice for beginner to advanced artists or students in training
  • Stretchy rubber material

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